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Lighting at events

Lighting at events plays a significant role. At large events, such as concerts, properly selected and installed lighting can affect the overall perception of the event. Poor lighting can make the artists on stage invisible, and the audience, instead of having fun and enjoying the music, will hide from the glare of the spotlights.

The very history of lighting the concert is really fascinating. After all, concerts and theater performances took place long before the invention of the light bulb. How did the party lighting look like then? The first source of light was of course the sun, which is why, for example, in ancient Greece, sunlight reflected in a mirror was used to illuminate the stage or specific actors during the performance, e.g. to emphasize the drama of the scene. The development of lighting accelerated greatly in the Renaissance. Italians even wrote a textbook on the principles of lighting using color filters. So it can be said that they invented the light shows known today. Since the patenting of the electric bulb by Thomas Edison, a lot has obviously changed, and the development of lighting has accelerated tremendously. The first spotlights and stage lamps quickly appeared, which allowed for the organization of impressive laser shows. Today they are more and more often referred to as "light events", or in the case of concerts - "stage events".

What is needed to organize a professional light show? First of all, high-quality lighting equipment. At BVS, we have been involved in the implementation of light shows for many years, both at large events and at small events. In addition to concerts and events, we organize, among others:

conference lighting
Congress lighting
trade fair lighting
lighting a fashion show
lighting a picnic
team rider lighting
prom lighting
wedding lighting
lighting the promotional campaign

In the case of lighting events, such as concerts, congresses or galas, it is very important that the lighting is in line with the style of the event and reflects its character. Therefore, when selecting devices and their placement, we attach great importance to the visual assumptions regarding a given event specified in the brief. To prepare the implementation, we use lead lamps, incandescent lamps, effect lamps, architectural lamps, lasers, searchlights and many others. We are prepared for every challenge - both a monumental light show and a small closed industry conference. We use modern, intelligent and multifunctional devices. One thing is capable of providing such lighting effects that only a few years ago required the use of several spotlights. We use stable and light aluminum structures to mount lamps or reflectors. During the performance, the technical team controls the lighting using a lighting console. In this way, it efficiently controls the types of lights and multimedia used during individual stages of the event. Thanks to this, the lighting is perfectly harmonized with the music and gives an amazing effect.


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